BOBSx2 is founded in Giessenburg, a little town in the Dutch province Zuid-Holland, by two brothers with one passion.
Custom build motorcycles.

It all started when they were 12 years old. A race on an unofficial motorcross track was being held and the brothers participated with their selfmade moped. The fun, joy and adrenaline was all there! As the years build up, so did the size of their projects. At the age of 18 they started their first Chopper project, and Bike of Brothers Slob (BOBS) was born.

 Jouke Slob
Builder, Mechanic

Jouke, a go-getter, extrovert and ball of fire. Besides work he is a fanatic sports man. Kick-boxing, surfing, snowboarding and motorcross. Ain’t no mountain high enough. When an idea hits him, he is fully energized and enthusiastic about the new bike project. There are no limits to possibilities and uniquely custom made bikes.. skateramps or other crazy stuff.

Jelle Slob
Builder, Designer

Jelle, a social and creative artist. Who loves to ride his bike, catch some waves, snowboard and listen to good music. His knowledge about design and materials (with a specialisation in metal) ensure that thoughts are turned into drawings with every detail in place. This provides each bike with the BOBSx2 look.

Both brothers started their education at a technical school. Jouke is educated in engineering and is an experienced mechanic. 
Jelle’s specialism is metal technics. In a forge he has learned all details of this profession. He also has a degree as a graphic designer. 
These sets of education and skills ensure a unique combination of knowledge and expertise. Idea to execution, all is done by the brothers themselves.